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24 Mar 2024

 You wouldn’t buy a car and expect it to keep performing well without regular tune-ups. Routine preventative maintenance will ensure consistent performance, reduce breakdowns, and extend the life of your scrubber dryer.

Scrubber dryers are value for money investments, and they play a very important role in keeping a facility clean and well maintained. Because they are generally used on a daily basis and make cleaning operations more effective, efficient and productive, most owners and operators realise a significant return on their investment. ​

To protect this investment and to keep any machine operating to its full potential, it’s important to properly service and maintain it on a regular basis. Nilfisk offers service and maintenance programs for the cleaning machines and these programs ensure the smooth operation and good condition of the investment over the long term.

In addition to the Nilfisk Service options, there are a number of routine preventative maintenance best practices that can also help extend the life of a scrubber dryer.

Daily maintenance and service

  • Drain and clean the recovery tank, then remove and rinse the residue box, and clean the float.
  • Remove and inspect the squeegee and blades.
  • Remove and inspect the brush/pad, then rinse them, and allow them to dry.
  • Raise the recovery tank lid for ventilation.
  • Connect the machine to charge the batteries when the indicator is showing low.
  • Clean the exterior.

Weekly maintenance and service

  • Check the battery liquid level of wet-cell batteries and top up if needed.
  • If the squeegee has worn unevenly, adjust it until it slides flush with the floor. The squeegees can be rotated to a new edge without the use of any tools if required.

Annual maintenance and service

  • Check the motor carbons (suction and scrubbing) and replace them if necessary.
  • Inspect and replace scrubber head shock absorbers.

Additional maintenance and service considerations

  • Invest in keeping the scrubber dryer in optimum condition.
  • Fix small defects immediately to prevent them from turning into costly repairs and long downtimes.
  • Keep up-to-date maintenance records to increase the value of the machine should it be sold down the road.

Remember that maintenance is essential to protecting an investment in a scrubber dryer and ensuring it is fully functional every day.

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